Trademark Lawyers

Registered United States and Canadian trademark agents

Word Trademarks • Design Trademarks • Distinguishing Shape Trademarks

United States, Canadian and International Trademark Applications can be filed on your behalf for:

  • Product Names
  • Service Names
  • Logos & Designs
  • Domain Name Protection
  • Distinguishing Shapes

A trademark can be a word, a symbol, a logo, a distinguishing shape, or a slogan that is distinctive of your goods and/or services. Registration affords protection in the country in which a registration is obtained. Trademarks can be renewed indefinitely. We can file foreign, European & International applications on your behalf. Inherently strong trademarks are coined words, and totally non-descriptive words. Trademark registration may be obtained for names already in use or for names to be used in the future. We also assist with licensing agreements.

First Consultation: It is advisable to bring a clean copy of your proposed trademark in color and black and white. You also need to bring samples of how the trademark is being or will be used such as packaging, advertising materials, etc.


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